With a greater vision and commitment to build up a people’s movement on Thrift and Credit culture in Nagaland the Nagaland State Entrepreneurs Associates Thrift and Credit Cooperatives Federation Limited (EATACOL) was formed under the Department of Cooperation on 20th August 2010. Since its inception, EATACOL has mobilized and trained 1016 registered members from Peren, Mokokchung, Phek and Kohima districts with representative participations from Mon, Longleng and Kiphire districts. EATACOL has been mobilizing public participation through faith based organization, women organizations and farmers clubs to form primary thrift and credit cooperative societies. Currently, there are 17 primary thrift and credit cooperative societies affiliated to the federation with 1016 members.


The spread of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spelt misfortune across the globe. Millions lost their lives, economies crashed, lockdowns were imposed and people   of the virus, India also took drastic measures where complete lockdown was imposed on 24th March 2020 onwards with strict guidelines across the country. Several states in the country further formulated separate guidelines and imposed them. Nagaland is one such state that had separate restrictions enforced by the local governing bodies. Interstate and intrastate movements were completely restricted leaving some villages completely isolated.

While this has helped in slowing down the spread of the virus, its impact on the economy was extremely disturbing. In a state like Nagaland where 70% of the population lives in the rural areas, the lockdown had a far greater impact. Migrant workers who migrated from Rural areas to Urban areas for employment, daily wage Labourers, Street Vendors, Old and Aged and Micro-Entrepreneurs found themselves in dire situation. In the midst of complete lockdown acute shortage of essential items left thousands of families in helpless conditions.

To help such people, the Nagaland State Entrepreneurs Associates Thrift and Credit Cooperatives Federation Limited (EATACOL) actively tried to reach out to the severely affected by the pandemic Total lockdown in 2020 through its networks. Having its branches in different districts of the state, it managed to carry out relief operations in the districts of Zunheboto, Phek, Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, Tuensang, Wokha and Peren out of the 11 districts in the state. The beneficiaries were mobilized through its local Offices with the help of local churches and Village Councils. In cases where the entry to the village was prohibited, the local village youth took the initiative to distribute the supplies on behalf of EATACOL.

By identifying the most neglected and marginalized, preference was given to the Street Vendors, Widows, Aged persons, Orphans, Migrant Labourers, Stranded Students and the Disabled population for relief.

EATACOL distributed a total of 23500 Kgs of Rice and 4700 Kgs of Dal (pulses), 400 Cartoons of Eggs to a total of 2350 families in all the 8 districts of the state. Each person was given 10 Kgs of rice and 2 Kgs of Dal (pulses) and in some cases Vegetables and Eggs were also distributed .

EATACOL has been fortunate enough to have the support of the Government, Local Bodies, Churches, and Well-Wishers in carrying out the relief works in the 8 districts of Nagaland during the COVID-19 Pandemic Total Lockdown.

The Details of the Relief Distribution are given in the table below:


District No of beneficiaries Rice Dal
Kohima 700 7000 1400
Dimapur 400 4000 800
Wokha 200 2000 400
Mokokchung 300 3000 600
Phek 300 3000 600
Peren 150 1500 300
Tuensang 150 1500 300
Zunheboto 150 1500 300
Total 2350 23500 4700

Distribution of  Relief  to Small Scale Entrepreneurs under various Districts during the Pandemic


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