Our Mission:

“Strengthening the People for Economic Self-Reliance”



The State Government through the Cooperative Department continue to play a pivotal role in the promotion of Cooperative sector through genuine Cooperative entrepreneurship evolving into a mechanism of resource mobilization, regular income generation, gainful employment and wealth creation. To operate cooperative in the true spirit, the following strategies have been enunciated:


  • The role of the Government in ensuring that the benefits of liberalization and globalization in the emerging economic environment are percolated to the Cooperatives in the state through suitable fiscal policies to provide support and protection to the Cooperatives Movements through suitably designed investment programmes.
  • To initiate structural reforms in order to improve the functioning of the Cooperatives at various levels and to ensure greater efficiency and viability. These may include steps to devise suitable mechanism for rehabilitation of the sick Cooperatives (particularly the Apex level), expedite and winding up defunct societies etc.
  • To support the cooperative movements to develop human resources, cooperative education and training, appropriate technologies and infrastructural facilities so as to promote professional management in cooperative down to the primary level for their greater functional and operational efficiency.


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