Cooperative movement in Nagaland initially started with the establishment of two Cooperatives, Kohima Pioneers MPCS Ltd. at Kohima and Ao Trading Cooperative Society Ltd. at Mokokchung in the year 1946. They were registered under the government of Assam and local Cooperative Officers were also posted by the then Assam Government. However, the real effort for organizing the Cooperative movement in the State started only after Nagaland attained statehood in 1963 and thereafter, the Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Nagaland was established in the year 1966 by bifurcating from Agriculture Department. Indian cooperative laws and cooperative policy have influenced the direction and development of cooperative in Nagaland. On the recommendation of All India Rural Credit Survey Committee 1951, an integrated system of rural credit was introduced. This policy led to State partnership in the share capital investment of Cooperatives and in their management. The State Government acknowledged the role of cooperative form of organization which could play a vital role in establishment and promotion of economic and social democracy and in the implementation of democratic planning with the ideal of a welfare state.


Acknowledging the importance of Cooperative in the development of the economy, the Indian parliament with the 97th Amendment  to the Constitution of India has recognized forming a Co-operative Society as a fundamental right [Article 19(1) and forming a Cooperative Society is now also extended to fundamental duty under Article 43-B of part IV which says that it is the duty of the States to promote autonomous functioning, democratic control, voluntary formation and professional management of the Cooperatives to enhance the economic activity in India. Hence, much importance is given in emphasizing cooperative movement in our State as mass movement for socio-economic upliftment of our rural people enabling them to have a feeling of self-reliance which is of basic importance in a democratic way of life.


Activities of the department are guided by The Nagaland Cooperative Societies Act 2017. Prior to the enactment of our own Act, The Assam Co-operative Societies Act, 1949 was operative in the state from its inception. The drafting of the Nagaland Cooperative Societies Rules is still under process. Hence, the Assam Cooperative Societies Rules, 1953 is still operative in the state.


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