The Nagaland State Co-operative Marketing & Consumers’ Federation Ltd. popularly known as MARCOFED is an Apex Level Co-operative Institution for Marketing of Agricultural produces and distribution of essential commodities in the State which was established in the year 1968 under the sponsorship of the State Govt. as a public sector undertaken with its Registration No.  NL/0222 Dt. 17-08-1968 and based in Dimapur as its Head Office, Nagaland.



All managerial and administrative authority has been vested with the Board of Directors and having constituted with representation from the State Government/Co-operative Department, members from Co-operative Societies from all the districts of the State. The Board of Directors provides regular inputs, guidance and constant mentoring to the Federation and lays down policy guidelines headed by Chairman appointed by the Government, and the management is headed by Managing Director.

MARCOFED functions through its Head Office in Dimapur, Nagaland with 2 (Two) Branch Offices as MARCOFED LPG Service at Kohima and Phek district. Also there are Marketing complexes/ Godowns and commercial buildings located in Tuensang, Longkhim, Mon, Pfutsero, Phek, Medziephema, Jalukie, Wokha and in and around Dimapur District.



MARCOFED was established with the following purpose and intent:

  • To arrange for marketing and sale of agricultural and other commodities of its affiliated members.
  • To rent or own godown or sales depot or open branches processing yard plants to facilitate storage, processing and sale of members’ produces.
  • To act as an agent of members for the disposal of their produces, also to act as an agent of the State Government, Central Government, Co-operative Institution and other Corporation, Federation etc., within and outside the      state in respect of storage, supplies and distribution of food stuff, other consumer goods, agricultural commodities, seed, manure, implement and other agricultural requisites and to distribute the same to members and others.
  • To act as an agent of wholesale stores and the primary consumer stores and credit farming and other societies in respect of storage, supplies anddistribution.
  • To act as a central co-ordinating agency in respect of supplying essential and other necessaries of life to the consumers and other co-operatives for distribution to its members and for this purpose to arrange for bulk purchase of consumer goods and other necessities of life of the best available quality from outside and within the state and to store and sell the same to its affiliated societies for distribution to their members.



1.Direct Dealership of Petrol/Diesel retail outlets in different parts of Nagaland State:-

MARCOFED has recently inaugurated 5 Petrol/Diesel Retail outlets in the districts of Zunheboto, Tuli and Dimapur totaling to now 5 operational outlets under its fold. There are plans to inaugurate 6 (Six) more outlets in the coming months. This initiative is an effort to enable sustainability of the organization, create employment opportunities of the locals as well as provide quality fuel to the public.
2. Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Minor Forest Produce (MFP):-

Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India has appointed MARCOFED, Directorate of Under Developed Areas. (DUDA) and Nagaland Beekeeping & Honcy Mission (NBHM) NBHM as implementing agencies in the state of Nagaland for the implementation of Van Dhan Vikas Kendra Yojana (VDVKY).This scheme is an initiative for Minor Forest Produce (MPF) centric tribal development and promote tribal entrepreneurship in the state. Till date, 149 (One Hundred and Forty Nine) Nos. of Van Dhan Vikas Kendrashave been sanctioned by TRIFED in the districts of Tuensang, Dimapur, Zunheboto, Kohima, Mokokchung & Wokha.

Below are the VDVK activities undertaken by MARCOFED as State Implementing Agency during the year 2021-22

  1. VDVK Advocacy & Training Programme was conducted on 23rd September 2021 at Dimapur which was virtually inaugurated by MD, TRIFED and attended by TRIFED officials from Regional Office, Guwahati.
  2. Established and activated 92 VDVK centers which are currently operational
  3. Programme for distribution of Tools & equipments to the identified VDVKs was held on 9th October 2021 at Signal Basti, Dimapur.
  4. Central and Regional TRIFED officials visited the state for Village and Digital Connect where all the operationalized VDVKs were digitally connected to VDIS (Van Dhan Integrated System.
  5. MARCOFED arranged for 2 nos. of artisans to participate at Aadi Mohotsav, the All India Tribal Festival in the year 2020.
  6. MARCOFED participated in the 22 Edition of the Hornbill Festival 2021 where products from various VDVKs under MARCOFED were showcased and well received.

3Completion of MARCOFED Co-operative Mart at Tuensang under ICDP :-

The construction of MARCOFED Co-operative Mart at Tuensang was undertaken in the Year implementation of ICDP in ‘Tuensang District during the year 2019-20 for which am amount of 35.00 Lakhs (Rupees Thirty Five Lakhs) only was sanctioned.

This project was initiated as a means to provide an outlet with essential amenities for the local farmers and entrepreneurs to sell their items and its construction was jointly overseen by the RCS office and MARCOFED Ltd.

The Ground floor is completed and was officially inaugurated on 14th of January 2022 by the Chairman, MARCOFED, Dr. M. Chuba Ao, in the presence of Shri. Chume Chang, Joint RCS. Tuensang.

4.   PradhanMantriUiiwalaYojana (PMUY)Scheme:-

Pradhan Mantri Uijwala Yojana (PMUY) Scheme launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi was implemented. Under this scheme, the Government of India will be providing 5 Cr LPG connections to BPL families with a support of F1600 per connection in the next 3 years. Ensuring women’s empowerment, especially in rural India, the connections is being issued in the name of women of the households.

Sensitization programmes are being organized from time to time wherein MARCOFED LPG Service team tour villages under Phek division and forms issued in an effort to make these villages as smokeless villages by making them 100% LPG users .

In the year 2021-22, more sensitization programmes werc carried out and the Phek team toured 20 villages under Phek division. 170 connections were provided and an additional 400 more are currently in the process of being released. Such programmes are vital in order to educate the common people about the facilities and Schemes available to women especially the downtrodden women to equip them with low price gas connections.

5.    Marketing of Agri-produce:-

MARCOFED.taking into account the demand for local organic produce in commercial spaces in and outside the state, remains optimistic of the potential in promoting business of the local farmers in far lung districts. As such, surplus Kholar and Mung beans from Tuensang. Sumac and Zanthoxylum (Mejinga) from Mokokchung, Chili from Peren and Perilla from Zunheboto have been procured. FSSAI licenses and packaging materials are currently in the process of being obtained and will be marketed through retail outlets by Mid- November.


Upcoming Programmes and Plans 2022-23

MARCOFED will continue pursuing the following programmes during the year 2022- 23

  1. Direct Dealership of Petrol/Diesel retail outlets in different parts of Nagaland State. :- MARCOFED plans on continuing setting up of Petrol/Diesel Retail outlets in different districts of Nagaland.
  2. Micro Financing Scheme Under National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) Central Scheme:- MARCOFED’s proposal to be nominated as the State channelizing agency for implementation of Micro Financing Scheme Under National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) is currently pending Cabinet decision.
  3. Channel Agency for National Housing Bank (NHB) :-The Department of Finance, Nagaland has given its concurrence to nominate MARCOFED as a State Channelizing Agency for implementation of the schemes of National Housing Bank (NHB) which promotes the market potentials to serve the housing needs of all segments of the population with the focus on low and moderate income housing.
  4. MARCOFED as Nodal Administrative Department for implementing Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF) Central Scheme in the State:- In the context of Nagaland, the history of the last few years indicates that there is certainly a very high volatility of prices of potato and onion in the market. The prices of these said items soar up to a very high amount which adversely affected the consumers, especially, families from the poor strata of the society. MARCOFED has submitted a proposal for appointment as Nodal department for implementing this scheme which will help mitigate the hardships of consumers and regulate the price volatility through procurement of the said items by MARCOFED for sale to the consumers during lean season so as to stabilize the market price.


Detailed working of MARCOFED during the year under report:

  1. Membership

i) Membership                                 –           179 Nos

ii) Individual                                     –           11 Nos

iii) State Govt.                                    –           1 No.

(Rs in Lakhs)

  1. Paid up share capital – 127
  2. Working Capital – 102.05
  3. Reserve Fund – 0.99
  4. Borrowings
  5. i) State Govt.                                           –           NIL
  6. ii) NCDC                                                  –           08

iii) NSCB                                                 –           NIL

    1. ICDP loan recovered
    2. i) Principal                                     –           55
    3. ii) Interest                                      –           97
    4. Annual Business turnover
    5. i) LPG Service Kohima/Phek     –           450
    6. ii) Ice                                               –           9
    7. No. of Godowns with capacity   – 12 Nos (7108 MT)
    8. No. of branches                             – 2
    9. Total No. of employees               – 38

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