Mokokchung District Co-Operative Milk Producers Union is a unit of NSDCF Ltd.(Nagaland State Dairy Co-Operative Federation). It was registered under Assam Co-Operative Societies Acts 1953 vide registration No. NL/5809 dated 12-03-2002. The basic design of the Anand Pattern that evolved from Gujarat comprises of a 3 tier structure where the State Level Federation is consists of District Level Union and Village Level Societies. Since its inception, dairy development activities in the District have been geared up.



Mokokchung District Co-Operative Union is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD).The BOD consists of 10 members representing various Villages Level Societies members. Two BOD members are nominated to represent Mokokchung at the State Level Federation. All policy decisions are taken by the BOD as per it’s Bye-law in the interest of the organization.

The Administrative Building of Mokokchung District Cooperative Milk Producers Union is located at Salangtem Ward, Mokokchung. Particulars of infrastructure are listed as below :

  1. Mini Dairy Plant (MDP) 2 TLPD
  2. Bulk Milk Cooler
  3. Imrongtema DCs, Chuchuyimlang village 500 LPD
  4. Yimchalu DCs 500 LPD
  5. DCs,Khensa 500 LPD


  • Organizing Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS): The Mokokchung District Co-Operative Milk Producers Union organizes Capacitate dairy farmers of the District and organize them as Dairy Cooperative Societies at the village level.
  • Organise Milk collection at village level:- Facilities are created for collection of milk at village level DCS by setting up bulk Cooler with shed construction and office for DCS in strategic locations . Raw milk so called procured and transported to Dairy unit for processing and marketing.
  • Marketing : Raw milk procured from DCS farmers are treated and processed for production of pasteurized toned milk and products like lassi & Yoghurt, Milk and its products are marketed directly to various market outlets and daily consumers by the staff of Dairy Unit.

 Status on the progress during 2020-21                                            Particulars      Quantity
1. No. of DCs organised (Nos.)      27
2. No. Of DCs functional (Nos.)      3
3. Raw Milk procured (Lit.)      24,980
4. Pasteurized Toned Milk production (Lit.)      24,176
5. Lassi Production        200 ml x 24 per carton      19
6. Yoghurt production 130 gm x 24 per carton     237


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