1. Launching of Customized Marketing Vehicle under  2nd Year  ICDP.

Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) is a Scheme under National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) where an area development approach is adopted for development of cooperatives.

NCDC accorded sanction in the month of January 2018 for implementation of  ICDP in the districts Kohima, Tuensang, Longleng, Kiphire and Peren for an outlay of Rs.5209.98  Lakhs. The period of project is 4 years.

Few years back, the department started an initiative of registering “One Village One Society” by enrolling one member from each household in the village with the  objective for upliftment of their economic condition.

During the formulation of the ICDP Project, the department observed that the villagers could not dispose off their produces profitably and also find difficulty in bring essential commodities from the market due to lack of proper transportation.

Looking into the needs of these marginal farmers in the village, the department designed this Cooperative Marketing Bus (CMB) with focus on carrying capacity of 60 % for Passengers and 40% for Goods, with the following features.

  • All kinds of produce of the village can be transported by this Bus.

(eg. Cereals, grains, tubers, Vegetables, etc.)

  • Medium/Small Livestock can be transported by this Bus ( Pigs, Goats, Poultry, etc)
  • The vehicle has a seating capacity of 17 passengers which can also be adjusted to accommodate more than 23 passengers when there are lesser goods.
  • The vehicle can be used as “Market on Wheel”

The vehicle was build on TATA LP/410 chassis at Kamrup Construction, Guwahati, with an estimated cost of about 23.00 (Twenty three) Lakhs.

Launching of CMB under ICDP









         2. Organic Farming .

To boost and encourage organic farming in the state, the Cooperation Department in collaboration with the Agriculture Department has started registering Organic farming Cooperative Societies in all the Districts and the department has organized sixteen (16) nos. of Societies till date.


         3. Departmental Officers Review meeting:

With a view to Coordinate, have common objective and address the various problems being faced by the Department in the respective Districts and sub- Divisions, the Departmental Officers Review Meeting was initiated. The meeting is to be convened at a quarterly basis to review the issues addressed.  However, due to the current pandemic only one meeting was convoked during the period under report. The 9th Review Meeting was held on 21st October 2020 at Red Cross Building, Kohima.

         9th Review Meeting in a Nutshell

  1. Reports on Office Profile, Status of Loan Recovery, Cancellation of Non-functioning Cooperative Societies, Audit Status, Performance Report of the field officers and various activities undertaken were presented by all the Districts and Sub-Divisional Officers.
  2. The RCS highlighted the ongoing ICDP Project being implemented wherein during the 1st and 2nd phase, 189 and 188 Cooperative Societies respectively were being assisted. He also asserted that the proposal has been made to the Government of Nagaland to implement the ICDP in the other six districts.
  3. Every Districts and Sub-Divisional Officers are to submit two copies of the Production Chart in consonant with the cash account of the Society while submitting the Audit Report, without which the Audit Report shall be deemed invalid.
  4. In order to facilitate financial assistance to the genuine/good working cooperative societies, it was decided to write to the Managing Director, NSCB Ltd., not to sanction any S.T/M.T loans without proper inspection/verification being done by the concerned District/Sub-Divisional Office.
  5. The Districts/Sub-Divisional Officers were instructed to mandatorily serve Show Cause Notice to the non-performing/defaulting inspectors in their respective establishment with copies endorsed to the RCS Office and to impose “No Work No Pay” towards the incessant defaulters, whereby once their annual increment is being held up, seniority to be affected.
  6. The 2nd Installment under RKVY Project for purchasing pig feeds and logistic expenditure for implementation of CIGs and FIGs was released to all the Districts and Sub-Divisional Officers.
  7. Top 6 (six) Recovery Performing Districts/Sub-Divisions were awarded in two categories: i) ICDP District & ii) Non-ICDP District/Sub-Division. In the ICDP District category Kiphire, Tuensang and Kohima were awarded the first, second and third position, and in the Non-ICDP District/Sub-Division category Mangkolemba, Pfutsero and Mon were awarded first, second and third position.

9th Review Meeting










      4. Inauguration of Sub-Divisional office at Satakha and Pfutsero:

Two new Sub- Divisional offices were inaugurated at Satakha and Pfutsero on 12.06.19 and 09.07.19 respectively by Shri Kaito Aye, Honourable Minister, Agriculture & Cooperation.

Inauguration of SRCS Office, Satakha


        5. Upgradation of Cooperative Training Centre (CTC), Medziphema :- The Cooperative Training Centre (CTC), Medziphema was given a face lift and was upgraded under RKVY 2018-19.


  1. IICTF Award of Excellence: – Incredible Opportunities for Cooperative Trade (IICTF)- the India’s first and largest international Cooperative Trade Fair was held on 11th -13th October 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi where two Cooperative societies participated from Kohima District viz CekrozuveKrotho Weaving & Industrial C.S. Ltd. And Kohima District Weavers Artisans C.S Ltd. and CekrozuveKrotho Weaving & Industrial C.S. Ltd was awarded the IICTF Award of Excellence.



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