In the era of roll out of payments and small finance banks in banking Indian scenario “The Nagaland State Cooperative Bank Ltd.”, has accelerated the adoption of banking technologies at the back of “Less Cash Vision” of the Govt. of India.

The bank celebrated 50 years of existence for service to the rural masses on 10th November, 2017. The bank has regenerated its banking systems and has changed in its functioning to keep pace with information technologies. Towards its commitment to “Rural transformation through Banking” the bank has deployed ATM on wheels (Mobile ATM Van) operational which was launched during the mega golden jubilee celebration of the bank.  This initiative of the bank in collaboration with NABARD is the first of its kind in the state.

In the field of banking services the bank has initiated and innovated “Zero Distance” banking for every customer for which the bank has been in the race for deployment of latest technology solutions to going digital. The bank is equipped with latest technologies like DBT, PFMS, ATM, RTGS, NEFT, PoS, and e-commerce etc. and today all together seventeen ATMs ate live throughout the state.

Besides conventional lending to its affiliated cooperative societies, the bank continues laying additional emphasis on non-conventional finance such as financing of SHGs, JLGs, Farmers Club, VDB linked and Church based projects, loan to KCC holders, backed ended subsidy linked Animal Husbandry Schemes i.e., Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme(DEDS) and Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation Scheme(EDEG) of GOI /NABARD.

Under financial inclusion plan (FIP), there has been great flow of entrepreneurial credit for non-farm sector to local micro vendors, small shops, street vendors, small business, individuals etc. in the urban and semi-urban areas with issuance of General Credit Card (GCC).


The Bank is manned by 244 personnel consisting of both executive and clerical cadre, spread across 21 branches. 

Sl. No. Particulars 2020-2021
(Rs. in lakhs)
1. Membership: 22,531 Nos.
  i) Societies 4,103 Nos.
  ii) Individual (Nominal Members) 18,428 Nos.
  iii) State Govt. 1 Nos.
2. Authorized Share Capital. 20,000.00
3. Paid up share capital : 6,904.82 *
  a) Societies 505.38
  b) State Govt. 4,191.30
  c) Reserved Fund 6,537.22
4. Working Capital 1,18,273.12
5. No. of Paid employees 244 Nos.
6. Loan to Cooperatives : 4,749.72
  a) ST Agri. 3,809.23
  b) MT Agri. 516.05
  c) LT Agri. 1.02
  d) ST Non-Agri. 92.86
  e) MT Non-Agri. 314.44
  f) LT Non-Agri. 0.00
  g) Any other lending 16.12
7. Total Demand during the year 24,684.93
8. Total Loan recovered. 13.120.04
9. Total Outstanding  62,477.61
10. Borrowings :  7,889.90
  a) Soft Loan from State Govt. Nil
  b) Institutions (NABARD) 7,505.79
  c) Others. 384.11
11. Deposit :  95,874.58
  a) Societies 1,055.06
  b) Individuals 84,731.85
  c) Institutions 10,087.67
12. Total Assets :  2,678.36
  a) Land & Building 1,372.73
  b) Motor Vehicles 27.98
  c) Plant & Machinery 156.82
  d) Any other (Specify)  [Furniture &Fixtures) 517.90
13. Investments (Specify)  51,108.43
  a) Central & State Govt. 17,755.45
  b) Bonds & Mutual Funds 800.26
  c) F.D. with Banks 32,552.72
14 No. of Branches(SCB) 21


*Paid up Share Capital. 

Societies 505.38 lakhs
State Govt. 4,191.30 lakhs
Others(Nominal) 2,208.14 lakhs


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